Our clients range from small businesses, realtors, & non-profits, to the largest film, broadcasting, and recording companies nationwide. Whatever your product or service, we can connect you to your customer.

r1 r2
#1 outdoor advertising medium for residential realtors.
Ability to advertise in every neighborhood, and farm your target markets.
Promote instant name and brand recognition.
6-month minimum agreement in order to maintain a visible presence in your marketplace.

m1 m2
Placement in entertainment districts throughout Los Angeles.
Target specific demographics, from your core fans to new listeners.
Build a buzz for your latest release on City streets.
4-week minimum agreement.

f1 f2
Placement in the hottest locations throughout Los Angeles.
Display a double bench campaign to offer a bigger creative range and greater impact for your ad.
Create a large span of awareness in a minimal amount of time.
4-week minimum agreement.

s1 s2
Most cost effective outdoor medium to reach your customers.
Micro-target a specific demographic or location.
Create greater awareness through an area domination campaign.
6-month minimum agreement.

n1 n2
Provides the most cost effective medium to build awareness for your cause.
Reach your target audience where they live and work.
Make an impact 24/ 7 to the widest audience possible.
4-week minimum agreement.

a1 a2
Most cost effective outdoor medium to put artistic expression on the streets of Los Angeles.
Contribute to the aesthetic of neighborhoods and city streets.
Have a positive effect on communities.
4-week minimum agreement.

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