Our Mission & Values

Martin Outdoor Media’s primary goal is to provide a first class advertising medium at low cost to advertisers while simultaneously offering a premier amenity to the bus riding public of the City of Los Angeles. In addition, Martin Outdoor Media was founded with a strong social conscience at its core. We are deeply committed to each of the neighborhoods in which we work and take great pride in the great diversity of all the districts we serve. Martin Outdoor Media was awarded the Los Angeles contract to sell advertising on approximately 6,000 bus benches, and as part of our agreement, we contribute 9% of our revenue to the City.

We take our responsibility seriously and look forward to working with large and small businesses and nonprofits, providing personal, quality customer service to the City, community members, and our advertisers. As part of our efforts to engage with every community, we have built our own maintenance and cleaning staff, hiring military Veterans who manage and mentor a group of motivated people from Los Angeles County Probation Camps, the LA Court Diversion Program and other ex-offender groups. By providing our team with quality jobs and the chance to contribute to Los Angeles, we are changing the paradigm. We believe in improving lives through business and demonstrate that principle through our investment in our work and in the people of Los Angeles.
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