Stats on OOH

OOH Advertising has grown by over 23% in the past decade to over $6.4 billion.
OOH is consistantly one of the top three fastest growing advertising media.
OOAH reaches consumners away from home, closest to the point of sale. Even though the consumer spends 70% of their waking hours away from home, only about 4% of all media is spent on OOH.
OOAH reached the most attractive audiences for advertisers. COnsumers most influenced by OOH are 18-49, high-earning, tech-savvy and mobile, who spend 6-9+ hours per week commuting.
OOH is an effective local media. About 7 out of 10 OOH ads promote local businesses.
OOH delivers exceptional ROI. For every $1 spent, approximately $2.80 in sales result, compared to only $2.41 for print and $2.43 for TV.
58% of all consumers have gone online as a direct result of seeing an OOH ad. OOH is quickly becoming the most ‘converged’ advertising media, working seamlessly with social media, mobile and online campaigns to drive consumers’ from the big screen to the small screen.’
People like OOH advertising. 85% believe OOH advertising is useful, 83% think OOH is informative, and 82% say OOH helps create jobs and stimulate the economy.
Source: OAAA

While most media planners know OOH is cost efficient, many don’t know that OOH can dramatically improve the reach of other media at a lower cost. When OOH is added to a media plan, it can increase reach by 18% for TV and up to 316% for mobile advertising. For social, interactive, and mobile advertising, OOH literally drives consumers’ from the big screen to the small screen’ to search, interact, and transact.

Source: OAAA

Research studies have repeatedly shown that OOH significantly lowers the cost of advertising. To reach 1,000 people, online can cost up to $17.50 per thousand impressions, magazines can cost up to $21.00 per thousand, and spot broadcast or cable can cost $22.00 - $25.00 per thousand. At $3.38 - $8.65 per thousand impressions, OOH delivers the same audience at significantly lower cost. Only radio comes anywhere close.

Source: OAAA

Seven out of ten people say they have seen an OOH ad in the past month, second only to television. And among those who have an OOH ad:
41% are more likely to learn about the brand being advertised.
70% say OOH is very, or somewhat likely, to influence a purchase.
58% search the web as a direct result of seeing an ad.
55% use mobile and social media to share information while viewing an OOH ad.
35% buy a product after seeing an ad.
The more OOH frequency and scale is added, the more internet searches and purchases result:
82% search the web as a direct result of seeing an OOH ad after 5 exposures.
58% buy a product after seeing an OOH ad after 5 exposures
Source: OAAA

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